Sign On

As grassroots organizations who serve the public, we write this letter to affirm our support for Rent Stabilization in the city of Providence.

Providence has seen massive rental increases over the last few years. This year alone we  posted a rent hike of 7.5%- the highest in the entire country! It’s created a situation where a huge portion of Providence residents cannot afford to continue living in the city, especially without roommates. To avoid being cost-burdened (paying over 30% of your income towards rent), tenants have to earn an annual salary of at least $80,000 in a city where the average renter is making closer to $40,000 a year! It is unsustainable. As it stands now according to HousingWorksRI’s 2023 Factbook, 46% of all Providence residents are considered cost burdened and homelessness has increased by 72% percent since 2019 across Rhode Island. 

We believe it is time for a comprehensive Rent Stabilization ordinance for the City of Providence:

We believe Rent Stabilization will help bring about a more equitable rental housing market and improve the well-being of our communities. No one can survive or thrive without the basic need of stable, affordable housing. A city that refuses to acknowledge this will eventually push most of their residents into poverty-stricken conditions or out of the city completely. We demand the Providence City Council address the housing crisis with the vigor it deserves–and pass Rent Stabilization.